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A Throne Speech Focused on Covid-19 and the Challenges Facing Morocco and a Call for Solidarity

2024-04-11 11:59:01 Politics


Speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the King of Morocco?s accession to the Throne: A message of solidarity and hope for Morocco and its economy at this difficult time of the pandemic.

Berlin Germany, August 4, 2020 -- During the annual speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the King of Morocco?s accession to the Throne, the monarch said that he cares as much about Moroccan citizens' health and the safety of their family members as much as he cares about his own Children and Family ? even more so in the difficult times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The King also told the Moroccan people that ?It is quite natural in such circumstances to experience fear and anxiety", adding that what has sustained the hope and confidence of Moroccans are the important decisions and the crucial measures taken immediately after the first Covid-19 infections appeared in Morocco". Decisions, the King added, were for ?the sake of the safety of our citizens and in the interest of our nation,". ?The sense of discipline, the level of awareness and the responsiveness shown by the citizens and by all the nation's forces during this past period are, indeed, a source of pride. Everyone has fulfilled their obligations diligently and responsibly? the King said.

The Monarch expressed his thanks and appreciation to the various government authorities who carried out their duties to curb the spread of the epidemic, calling the people of Morocco patriotic. The sovereign reiterated that he is ?aware of the magnitude of the adverse effects this crisis has had, not just on public health, but also at social and economic levels. This crisis has affected all productive sectors, family incomes and the state budget". The King also said that he called for the creation of a special fund to address the health situation as well as the economic and social repercussions of the epidemic, announcing that he is ?heartened to see that this initiative has been spontaneously embraced and that it continues to be actively supported,".

King Mohammed VI affirmed that the next phase will require concerted efforts on the part of all Moroccans in order to rise to challenges. Therefore, the King called upon ? all the nation's stakeholders, without exception, to be actively involved in the national endeavors to handle the current situation efficiently and tackle its economic and social repercussions," adding that "We should ensure that the gains made recently, during this short period, mark a turning point that allows us to build on the strengths shown by Moroccans, speed up the reforms required by the present situation and make the most of the opportunities at hand,". The king also calls for the expansion of social welfare coverage to all Moroccans, saying that ?Such a plan requires tangible reform of current social protection systems and programs in order to increase their direct impact on beneficiaries, especially through the rolling-out of the national social register,? . In this context, the King added that ?universal access to social protection coverage should serve as a lever for the integration of the informal sector into the nation's economic fabric.? . Therefore, the Sovereign called on the ?Government to complete the development of a comprehensive, practical approach that includes the timetable, legal framework and financing options needed to achieve effective universal social protection?. The aim, the King said, is to ?ensure social protection for all Moroccans?.

The King concluded that " an ambitious economic stimulus plan will be launched. This plan will enable our productive sectors to recover and to increase their ability to provide jobs and preserve sources of income". The sovereign also called for the creation of a national agency to be tasked with ensuring the strategic management of state contributions and assessing the performance of public institutions. King Mohammed VI also called for ?vigilance, solidarity and respect for safety measures iin the fight against the spread of the coronavirus".

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