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A Lot of Turmoil Before Upcoming U.S. Elections

2024-04-17 09:43:43 Politics


While the Ninebot ES3 might be perfect for gliding your way in and out of daily traffic, things do not always go so smoothly in U.S. politics. The coronavirus crisis is about to ruin Donald Trump?s chances of being re-elected as the way he is handling the current situation seems to have been detrimental to his percentages for the upcoming vote.
After recent studies have shown that ex-vice president Joe Biden is constantly pulling ahead in polls and has an average advantage of about 6%, the everyday attacks toward the Democratic candidate seem to show the real turmoil in the President?s camp when it comes to his actual chances of being in the Oval Office for four more years.

The Polls Are Not Looking Good

As it is always the case with an event so massive and impactful as the elections for the next ?leader of the free world?, polls are being churned out left and right and people are constantly being asked about their opinions regarding who the winner will be. The worrisome thing for the current President is that the average has not changed much from the beginning of 2019.
Despite certain events that have brought both candidates to light in one way or another, the 6% margin has always been there and is heralded as the biggest stable difference between an acting President and his main opponent recorded from 1944 to this day.

However, this does not mean that Joe Biden is definitely the next winner of the Oval Office. We must not forget that Donald Trump himself managed to come back from a 5% difference and win his first term, despite losing the popular elections by 2%. Due to the particularities of the American voting system, a few key states matter quite a lot when it comes to winning.

Therefore, other than a few places which will probably behave the way they always do - the coastal cities going for the Democrats while the inland support going mainly Republican -, nothing is set in stone and a lot can still change before people actually go and cast their vote, choosing their next leader and probably impacting the entire world for the next four years.

Besides, the latest data regarding unemployment in the United States, the state of the markets, and the economic situation as a whole shows that almost 15% of the active workforce, so more than 20 million people, registered as ?out of a job? in April in order to receive financial aid. This type of news would not bode well for any sitting President, especially since the crisis will likely go on.

Who?s Going to Win Whose Voters?

Statistics and analytics are an integral part of the American lifestyle and it is only natural that they receive such an important role in the most important of elections. As it stands, President Trump might also have a hard time winning some people over if we take some of the polls at heart.

According to them, about 27% of the citizens who answered have extremely favorable opinions about him while 42% end up at the other end of the scale in terms of how much they agree with the current American leader?s way of seeing things. With 69% of everyone asked already expressing strong feelings one way or the other, the room for error seems dauntingly small.

Another amazing thing is that the history of the polls has shown that voters are always right and 55% of them believe that Trump is going to win a second term this year. However, this was also wrong during the last presidential elections when everyone who was anyone believed Hillary Clinton was going to be the first female President in history and that did not come to pass.

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