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Fairfax Lutheran Church Releases List Of Upcoming Events

2024-04-18 07:04:10 Religion


Fairfax, VA (forpressrelease) November 27, 2019 - Fairfax Christ Lutheran, a Fairfax Lutheran church, recently released a list of upcoming fall events in Fairfax, VA. These events are designed to engage and connect the church's community throughout the fall season and invite new members as well.

Fairfax Christ Lutheran's extensive events calendar includes several important announcements and special activities. All Saints Sunday, a worship service to remember and honor deceased members of the community, will take place on November 3. During worship, the congregation will toll the bell as names of deceased community members are read, and a candle lighting ceremony will take place in remembrance as well.

On Tuesday, November 26, pre-school students and their families are invited to a Thanksgiving feast prepared by the students, who will present the story of the first Thanksgiving and lead a prayer before the meal. The events calendar also includes a reminder that only a few spots remain for the church's incoming pre-school class, which welcomes students ages 2 through 4, and pre-K class. These classes are diverse communities that introduce children and their families to new friends, making it an ideal option for those new to the Fairfax area.

The church encourages the participation of its community members in these events because of its strong focus on creating deep, caring, and enduring relationships oriented towards serving others and praising God. The fall events center this mission by gathering people together in the spirit of praise and celebration and follow the church's tradition of creating a warm, friendly environment for all parishioners and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. Fairfax Christ Lutheran also places high importance on learning and education in its pre-school and pre-K prgrams, which foster life-long friendships and give students the opportunity to grow in spirit and mind as they embark on the beginning stages of their academic careers.

For more information about upcoming events or to enroll your child in a pre-school or pre-K class, contact Fairfax Christ Lutheran today. The church and preschool are located at 3810 Meredith Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 and can be contacted directly at 703-260-9773 or through its website at


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