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Vedic Astrology Reveals The Art of Successful Investments

2024-05-26 04:09:40 Religion


Investment is the process of purchasing stock, bond, certificate of deposit, commodity, real estate or other investments with the expectation of earning a positive financial return over a period of time. One of the primary advantages of investment is that after a person invests money, all the work is done by money to increase its value or to decrease its value. Money can be put to work to generate more money.

People use well-managed investment plans to grow and to secure their money. Getting Finance Horoscope Online is a way which predicts that what would be the yield of their investment.
As speculation and gambling are an important part of investments, so their results are unpredictable and can go in any direction. If an investment turns bad it can cause a lot of financial problems and financial crunches. It is not fair to anticipate a profit while investing money in anything but to prepare for the losses is the best thing you can do. One can always get their Online Kundali which warns about the upcoming problems.

Investment in the stock market and other sources has a direct relation with astrology. You can get your Personalized Financial Report, which helps you to predict your financial prospects. To check the gain from the investment, a person needs to go through certain parameters like ascendant which governs one?s own self and personality. Some of the houses of the birth chart which need to be studied are as follows:
The 2nd house and its Lord as it is known as the house of wealth
5th house predicts gains through share market, speculations, stock trading, etc
The 8th house will predict about sudden gain(if any).
9th house is the house of fortune.
Relations with Planets
Jupiter: bestows wealth and riches for the native.
Moon has the ability to control the mind.
Mercury can control the emotions and psyche of a person.
Rahu controls sudden events in life.
These are some of the combinations that indicate financial gain
If there is a connection between Lord of 2nd, 5th, and 11th house, the native will earn by investment.
The 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 11th house or Lord if are placed well they indicate gain from investments
The connection of 5th and 9th Lord to any of the houses of 2,5,8,11,5,9 indicates good Dhan yoga and may give good returns.
The Lord of the ascendant in 2,5,8,11,5,9 houses along with the Lord of these.
Jupiter placed in ascendant and aspected by Lords of the 2nd,5th, and 9th house also indicates success in the stock market investment.
The connection of the 5th lord to 2nd house and the 9th, 11th house or the connection of 9th lord to 2nd, 11th or 5th house also gives earning in speculations, more so if the ascendant lord is also placed in one of these houses.
If the investments turn out to be losses, then it may cause a lot of financial problems. The Top Astrologers in India have the best financial problems solutions.

There is also an option for getting Finance Report for 2 Year which tells you about the financial prospects. The birth chart of the person has solutions to all the problems and it can predict the future of a person by a large extent. You also can talk to astrologer if something worries you and you don?t have a solution to any problem.

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