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Wallpapers reportedly top the list in Star Wars franchise items for fans across all generations.

2024-04-23 05:12:25 Politics


Latest statistics show that star wars have single handedly taken over the world by storm. Even with years after the last release, fans all over the world are still willing to spend thousands of dollars on star wars franchise.
Economic trends have shown that businesses and manufacturers are still earning over millions of dollars by selling star wars franchise items. It is an epic series of 6 films centered around a massive space adventure. The producers of the movie have revealed that three more movies will be released in the coming years. One of the most popular points of attraction for the film is the presence of many different alien species. Each species undergo a high level design, to be presented to the viewers in different shapes and sizes. Leading economists have revealed that the major reason why businesses and manufacturers are making millions over the movie?s franchising items is because it?s customers belong to all age groups. Star Wars legos and other toys are just are popularly in demand as Star Wars iPads, mobile phones and iPhones. It has been reported that one of the best selling items is none other than wall papers. Everyone wants to have their wallpapers to be about their favorite movies. The wallpaper industry has suddenly undergone a massive boom with customers buying and downloading the wallpapers to be used on their PC, laptops and other hand held devices. The movie is basically about the struggle between good and evil, thereby having an allure to audiences of all age groups. A true classic of sci-fi genre, experts reveal that the movie has been the bonding agent for most father son relationships. The web site Wallpaper Vortex has currently reported a record smash in its Star Wars theme wall paper downloads by users all over the world. For more details kindly visit
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Wallpapervortex is a leading website that is dedicated to wallpapers. It offers free downloads of all kinds of wall papers for PCs, mobile phones, iPads, and iPhones. It is currently popular for its HD Star Wars wall papers.
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