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Political Insider Announces Article About 2016 Elections

2024-04-11 12:40:35 Politics


The election of Donald Trump represents the repudiation of 8 years of a failed world-view, failed politics, failed economics and domestic policy and a misguided foreign policy. In a larger sense, they represent in addition, a repudiation of the preceding 8 years of domestic, economic and foreign policy. The Elites - including the elite bureaucrats working within the Beltway surrounding Washington D.C. - know they have lost the battle of promoting their leftist agenda over the will of the people.

As with Brexit - the people have spoken - and the bureaucrats and co-conspiring media are surprised and shocked that their worldview and out-of-touch liberal policies have been rejected by the people of their nation.

People love their countries, not some complex world agenda where everyone serves a master class who espouse world peace, safety and security while stripping the masses of people of their rights, wealth and religious freedom. To say that patriotism, nationalism, tribalism and religious piety is dangerous indicates that the elites view such beliefs as detrimental to their agenda of enslaving a world to serve their own ends.

From 16 years of failed US administrations to the Arab Spring and Brexit, the people are throwing off the yokes of internationalism, globalism and liberalism. The Elites seek to unite the world under their worldview, under their brand and under their control, disregarding the will of the people or that which has proven to work tested by the winds of time. They judge the people to be nothing more than servants who must serve their will.

Elitism, globalism and liberalism have failed. Tiananmen Square, Arab Spring, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump show that the governments of the world have failed the people they profess to serve. Only in Tiananmen Square has the government slaughtered thousands of its own people to retain control and keep the people subjugated, subservient and enslaved by the governmental elite that rule them. Brexit and Donald Trump show that the people have a voice, they have a chance and they can win.

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