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Louisville Personal Injury Law Firm Wins $500,000 Settlement For Client

2024-04-16 12:46:11 Business


Jefferson, KY - Lousiville-based personal injury law firm Gladstein Law Firm has won a settlement of $500,000 for one of their clients for a case that occurred in Jefferson, Kentucky. The case revolved around a temporary employee for a company with an extensive criminal record who battered one of the company?s employees to death.

The defendant, the staffing agency that hired the temporary employee for one of its clients, failed to see the inconsistencies in the temp?s application, including many about his criminal record and history. The temp was a convicted felon and involved in crimes such as felony burglary, terroristic threatening, fleeing and evading the police.

The temp used his access to the client?s facility to break into a number of vending machines in the break room of the client?s plant. The decedent in the case, an employee at the client?s plant, heard banging noises and found the temp breaking into the break room vending machines at 4:40 a.m. At this point, the temp repeatedly struck the decedent with an iron bar. One day later, the decedent died from the inflicted injuries

The staffing agency was found to be negligent in the case for four particular reasons:

- The staffing agency failed to investigate or consider the red flags and inconsistencies in the temp?s written application, interview, and background check.
- The staffing agency assigned the temp to work at the client?s plant when the temp did not meet the client?s specific hiring criteria.
- The staffing agency failed to disclose the temp?s criminal background to the client.
- Before assigning the temp, the staffing agency failed to report that the temp had been terminated by another client for having a ?bad background? and that the temp misrepresented his criminal background in the application process.

Had the staffing agency handled any of those four factors differently, it is possible that the temp may never have had the opportunity to work at the client?s plant and that the decedent in the case may have never sustained fatal injuries. While the facts of the case are unfortunate, Gladstein Law Firm believed justice needed to be served and helped win a $500,000 settlement for its client.

For those in Kentucky who have suffered from personal injury, wrongful death, or any other similar situation, Gladstein Law Firm is here to help you. Contact our firm today to get the compensation you deserve.

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