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Retailer Strives to Educate People about the Perils of Paper Bags

It's common knowledge that disposable plastic bags are a threat to the environment as they are causing widespread pollution across the globe. That's why so many cities and towns have enacted plastic bag bans, but according to a spokesman from MJH Innovations, a retailer that specializes in eco-friendly products, including [reusable shopping bags](, there€™s a big piece of the puzzle that€™s being ignored.

€œWhat people don€™t understand,€ he says, €œis that paper bags pose just as great a threat to our environment as plastic bags do. There are differences in how they impact the environment, but just the same, when consumers use them, environmental damage is done.€

He says 14 million trees are cut down every year just to produce the paper bags. €œThat€™s a shame when you consider that paper bags are one time use products,€ he says. In other words, all those trees are cut down so people can use paper bags one time and then throw them away.

€œAnother thing most people don€™t realize that the environmental footprint of paper bags can be just as harmful as plastic bags. For example, they€™re produced utilizing toxic materials, which are released into our environment. And the fact that they weigh more than two times what plastic bags do means it requires more fuel to transport them from the manufacturer to the stores.€

The spokesman says consumers shouldn€™t use paper or plastic bags, but instead take along reusable [shopping bags]( whenever going out for groceries or other items. €œIt€™s really the only environmentally responsible bag we can carry,€ he says. €œAnd if everyone said no to paper and plastic bags and instead carried their own, the level of pollution would drastically decrease.€

About: MJH Innovations is seller of quality products that make people€™s lives easier. It is their company philosophy that good products shouldn€™t cost a fortune, and they work hard to provide quality products to consumers for reasonable prices. Shoppers can find many of their products listed on Amazon Prime.  

Contact Information

  • Name: Matthew Hesser

    Company: MJH Innovations

    Telphone: (80-5) -534-9800 , -

    Address: P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA