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Leading Political Thinkers Release New Book

Virginia Beach, VA ( ForPressRelease ) February 10, 2011 - Dr. Daryl D. Green and Dr. Gary E Roberts recently published their much acclaimed book “Impending Danger: The Federal Handbook for Rethinking Leadership in the 21st Century.” An intriguing read, it provides critical answers regarding how government leaders can reduce partisan bickering by changing the current leadership paradigm.

With rising discontent among government employees and the never ending intrusion of the government in personal affairs, most Americans are demanding systemic change. The book addresses this concern as it discusses the anger and frustration of the citizens and the discontent they feel when political leaders fail to heed their complaints. Dr. Green and Dr. Roberts present answers that may help solve this political gridlock in Washington.

The book discusses how and why many taxpayers are facing the same unsatisfactory and partisan political structure even after the implementation of a new Congress. Regarding the government debt that was at an all time high (almost $14 trillion), Dr. Roberts, the acting Dean of Regent ( ) University’s Robertson School of Government, had this to say: “One of the great political divides of our time is the intense, polarizing, and often rancorous debate over the proper size, role and scope of government. This debate occurs between and within those on all sides of the political spectrum.”

Dr. Roberts gives an account of the political and social ramifications of the US government system and an in-depth look at the effects it has on the citizens. The leading political thinker, Dr. Roberts, also reveals why and how the government should change its leadership model to better accommodate the needs of the citizens.

The book is an easy read which makes it especially suitable for managers, scholars, employees and the public in general. These are also the people who can benefit the most from this political analysis, according to the co-author and renowned strategist Dr. Green, “The book analyzes the current problems in the federal system and explains why a new paradigm, in leadership and structure, is necessary. With growing discontent with government officials and the intrusion of big government into personal affairs, Americans are demanding something different.”

“Impending Danger” provides well researched and deliberate answers to all of these questions and more. With 40 years worth of experience in the public sector, Dr. Green and Dr. Roberts know what they’re talking about. They made sure that the book provides revelations and insights regarding political strife and the answers that can solve them.

About the Authors

Dr. Daryl D. Green is a leading thinker and writer regarding contemporary as well as cultural issues and the way they impact societies, businesses, and people across the nation. The co-author Dr. Gary Roberts is also one of the leading thinkers in both public and non-profit government sectors. For further details you can contact Dr. Roberts with the following information:

Contact: Dr. Gary E. Roberts
Office Phone: 757 352-4962
Fax: 757 352-4735


Contact Information

  • Name: Gary Roberts

    Company: Regent University

    Telphone: 757-352-4962 , -

    Address: 1000 Regent University Drive