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Local Exterminator Gives Pointers On Controlling Rodent Problems In Maine

WINDHAM, ME - Matt Stover of Ants Etc. says that this time of year is the worst for rodent problems in Maine. He also says that many exterminators consider squirrel control in Southern Maine when they deal with rodent problems, as many people consider squirrels as invasive as rodents. Here, Mr. Stover offers some good ideas on how to deal with rodent problems in Maine .

Mr. Stover says there are several things the homeowner or renter can do for squirrel control in Southern Maine, or for rodent problems in Maine. He says one of the first things you can do is to look for rodent dropping inside and outside of your home. Squirrel, mouse, and rat droppings are capsule shaped, and pointed on the ends. The larger the animal, the larger the droppings will be. Mr. Stover recommends that you should look around the foundation of your home, including weep holes in siding.

You should also check the gutters that line your roof, and any drain lines that are exposed. Some unfinished basements, for instance, may have drainage systems that are not sealed properly, allowing rodent problems in Maine to invade your house. Other places to look for droppings are around and under sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms and around outbuildings, such as workshops and storage sheds. Rodents will burrow under these buildings to make their dens.

Mr. Stover also says that to deal with rodent problems in Maine, homeowners should make sure there are no sources of food, shelter, access or water in your attic, garden, or closets. Rodents will burrow into insulation, so its important to make sure all walls are finished. Unfinished basements, for example, will be a haven for rodents, and when his company does squirrel control in Southern Maine, they strive to seal any access to insulated walls.

In addition, you can store your cupboard items in metal or heavy plastic bins. Staples such as flour, sugar, and rice are easy prey for rodents, and will attract them to your pantry and cupboard. Other ideas to help with rodent problems in Maine are to:


Mr. Stover offers other ideas to help with rodent problems in Maine, such as:
Get rid of any wood piles or garden debris that offer nesting opportunities for rodents
100% silicone caulk will keep rodents from getting in around pipes, windows, doors, and vents.
You can set either live or snap traps in the problem areas. Peanut butter is a good bait, because the rodents cant pick it up and run away with it.
If you have pets, and want to use poison on the rodents, choose bait with vitamin D3. Just a small amount of this vitamin will cause heart failure in the rodents, but wont harm pets if they eat the rodents.

For further information on dealing with squirrel control Southern Maine, or if you have rodent problems in Maine, contact Matt Stover at Ants Etc. Ants Etc. is an exterminator in Portland ME, and in Windham ME, as well. You can contact Mr. Stover at (207) 892-7855.

Contact Name: Matt Stover
Company Address: 71 Chute Road, Windham, ME 04062
Contact Phone: (207) 892-7855
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